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Book your Whimsies kayak or paddle board today!

What is Whimsies?

Whimsies is a project over twenty years in the making. A kayak trail project was proposed to take advantage of our wonderful, natural, and unique water ways. It was an opportunity to educate local residents on our environment and history, and bring new people into the community to both learn and relax. Those foundational years saw work done by people like Mike Mahoney, Wayne Barnier, and Katrina Cadotte.

Eventually, the project shifted into the 4H Canoe and Kayak club which was launched, under Dawn Mudford’s guidance, to give better paddling access to our youth. Additionally, the Wallaceburg Trails Committee was formed to further plan and develop both land and water trails throughout the Wallaceburg region. Mari Cole has spent many years working to make this a reality. The Trails Committee has engaged with the Trans Canada Trail to elevate our efforts to a national standard.

The Downtown Wallaceburg Business Improvement Area (BIA) has worked with these organizations, as well as the Wallaceburg and District Museum, the Municipality, and other members of the public to open up a paddle rental experience in our downtown core.

The calm nature of the Sydenham River and other waterways surrounding Wallaceburg are a perfect place to explore in a canoe or kayak. Complete a circle tour of Wallaceburg encompassing both the Sydenham River and Running Creek. Paddle upstream towards Dresden to follow the Underground Railroad and the site made popular by the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Explore the quiet and wooded winding path of Otter Creek. Make the trip out to the marshes of the Snye, or visit the little “heart” of the Great Lakes at Lake St. Clair. The beautiful waters around Wallaceburg are begging to be explored.

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Why call it Whimsies?

Wallaceburg is an amazing history of Manufacturing. For over one hundred years, Wallaceburg was one of the primary centres of glass production in Canada. Ceasing production in 1999, Wallaceburg has produced countless glasses, beer bottles, jars, and novelty items which have been used across Canada and the world, giving us our nickname “Glasstown.” In the 1800s, that glassware was blown by hand. Glass blowers would often make personalized items “on a whim” to give to their loved ones. Hence the name “Whimsies” was used for many small creations by these Artisans. Many of these creations have been collected at the Wallaceburg and District Museum for you to see. The name Whimsies connects to our past, and also reminds us of the “glass-like” state of our water ways on a calm and clear day. Follow your whim and come explore.

Where is Whimsies located?

Our office is located at 779 Dufferin Ave. in downtown Wallaceburg. We have paddle boards, and single and double kayaks available to rent. Any paddler is welcome to launch from our dock at the Cecile Bechard Civic Square Park.

For more information, please email or call us:

Whimsies Trails

As this project progresses, we intend to have packages available to match a variety of themes which we are working on with our local partners. Some of these packages will explore a bit of our history, local shopping or restaurants, and others may include a nice picnic lunch. These will become available at different times during the summer. We are excited to work with Wallaceburg Trails, and the Museum to develop and publish maps which will show cool local history and ecological points of interest. Wallaceburg Trails have mapped out 207 km of water trails and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we have.

Whimsies Hours

Whimsies had a soft opening for a short period in 2022 and was open from July to September in 2023. We are looking forward to a longer season in 2024, culminating in a Grand Opening celebration. To keep up to date with our plans and more details as the season unfolds, please stay tuned to this website, our news section, and follow the Downtown Wallaceburg BIA and Whimsies on Facebook.

Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Book your Whimsies kayak or paddle board today!


Whimsies currently has 8 vessels for rent.

  1. Red Beginner Recreational Kayak (5) – 10 ft long, 260lbs capacity
  2. Yellow Two person Nereus2 Sit on Top Kayak (1) – 12.1 ft long, 460.1 lbs capacity
  3. Inflatable All-Around SUP (Paddle Board) (2) – 11.5 ft long, 369 lbs capacity

Rentals can be booked in advance through our office.

1 Hr Rental $20.00
3 Hr Rental $40.00

With each boat, the rental includes:

  1. Paddles
  2. Coast Guard approved life jackets (small, medium, large, extra large)
  3. Mandatory bail bucket safety kit and whistle

We do recommend that each renter bring their own life jackets, if possible, to assure best fit. You should also bring water bottles, sunscreen, and any other common items you might need on the water. Contact our office for an exhaustive list if necessary.

Participants must:

  1. Be over the age of 10
  2. Paddlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have their parent or guardian sign a waiver in advance
  3. Know how to swim
  4. Be aware of the weight limits on the vessels and rent accordingly
  5. Be sober

Please note that the Whimsies staff reserves the right to deny rental to any paddler.

All adult paddlers will be asked to bring a piece of ID with them. The paddle rental will keep your ID and return it upon return of the paddle rental.

Before you launch, we will review contact information and an emergency plan with all renters. We will also review proper paddling strokes for whichever vessel you have chosen to rent. If you have chosen a specific route, our staff will review the route with you and will point out any helpful landmarks you can use as you navigate as well as other points of reference.

We encourage every participant to bring a cell phone in a waterproof container. The rental is unsupervised, and you will want a way to contact help if required. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please contact 911 before calling the rental office. For all other needs on the water, do not hesitate to contact our office. We are here to help.

Whimsies’ emergency plan will include our Boaters on Call (BoC). We will have a list of boaters who can provide assistance to paddlers in the event of a non-life threatening emergency. Paddlers will be charged an additional fee of $80.00 per trip if a BoC is required. This money is paid directly to the BoC as compensation for their time and use of their equipment. The BoC will not be equipped to deal with life threatening emergencies. If required, they may choose to call 911 and the rental office.

We are still looking for more people to sign up as BoCs. Please contact us if you can help!

(226) 627-3459

Please remember that Whimsies Paddle rental is funded and operated voluntarily by the local business and building owners in the Downtown area. This main purpose of this project is to engage the community, and teach residents and visitors about our local history and environment. We are lucky to have such an extensive and bio-diverse water system in our community and we would love to see it bustling all summer.