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Tim Hortons has brought back the Dutchie doughnut for a limited time in January 2024. This doughnut was one of the original two baked goods on the menu when Tim Hortons opened in 1964. The dutchie was popularized in Canada by the chain, but actually originated in Wallaceburg, Ontario at Durfy’s Bakery.

Ben VanWolde immigrated from Holland to Wallaceburg and began working at Durfy’s Bakery in 1953. VanWolde used popular Dutch recipes to create pastries at the bakery. The raisin-filled pastry had been eaten in Holland for centuries, but VanWolde brought it to Canada and it was named the Dutchie because of his Dutch roots. VanWolde also created the long john doughnut that was incredibly popular here in Wallaceburg.

Thanks to the Wallaceburg & District Museum for providing this article written by David Gough, and published in the Courier Press in 2011.