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It’s lavender harvesting time, so the theme for this week’s Farmers’ Market is Lavender Takeover! Several of our vendors will have lavender products along with their usual amazing offerings. The market is in downtown Wallaceburg from 8 am until noon on Saturday July 6th in Municipal parking lot D, between SaveMax and RBC.

Lavender is a herb in the mint family, and there’s record of it in ancient Roman times! We’re all pretty familiar with its fragrant smell, but how do we use it at home? Here are some ideas!
Scent Your Home – Hang a wreath or bundle of lavender in your home to welcome you whenever you enter! Make up a DIY lavender linen spray to freshen up your home. Use dried lavender buds in a fabric bag to store in a linen cupboard or dresser to keep linens and clothes smelling beautiful.
Good Sleep – Lavender is often used to help with relaxation and sleep. Hang some lavender in your room so that the smell may help you drift off to sleep. Take a calming lavender bath before bed by sprinkling lavender buds or lavender scented epsom salts in it. Make a tea of lavender to sip with a favourite cozy book before bed.
For Eating – Lavender goes hand-in-hand with baked goods! Lavender scones, lavender and vanilla cookies, a honey-soaked lavender cake! So many delicious ideas! But you can also pair up lavender to create some savoury treats – use it in a honey-drizzled crostini, add it to a homemade salad dressing, or if you want to really be bold, add lavender to a chicken marinade (it pairs great with thyme and rosemary). The easiest way to include lavender in your cooking is using a lavender-infused honey, which you can get at this weeks market.
Self-Care – Use dried lavender, lavender wands, or lavender infused soaps and candles in your self-care routine. Light a candle before bed. Take a lavender scented bath. Hang lavender in your shower so that when the steam hits it the fragrance activates!
Pollinator Plants – Lavender is a tall, bright flower that attracts pollinators! Plant some in your garden to encourage bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wonderful pollinators to your garden. Bonus, you get to watch the wildlife enjoy your lavender too!
Visit the Wallaceburg Farmers’ Market on July 6th for a Lavender Takeover! Our amazing vendors and producers will have lavender available in all different forms plus their regular bounty of produce and artisan products!
Who will you see at the market this week? We have a great lineup of vendors for you, some returning favourites, and some new vendors who are excited to be downtown Wallaceburg on July 6th!
Watson Century Farms with lavender farm products.Black Dog Garlic selling premium, Ontario grown garlic.

Honeylocust Homestead will have produce and plants, as well as handmade soaps with lavender.

Sycamore Farms is bringing fresh produce and lavender infused honey.

Meadowland Permaculture is welling beautiful organic produce.

Tacq’s Garden Market will have a variety of produce, flowers, and lavender products.

Carver’s Natural Farms will be there with pasture raised meats, soups and stocks.

Williamson Farms has a variety of products from maple syrup, and candy, to beef, and sausages. 

The Beaded Look is selling one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Richmond Farms will have farm produced jams and preserves.

Parks Blueberries is always a crowd favourite with their blueberries, scones, and pies.

A Childs Homestead will have wood craft, as well as soaps, bath salts made with lavender.

Uncle Dad’s Pizza has thin crust pizza and homemade meat pies for sale.

Allin Makuna will be there with shelf stable, soup in a jar, and kombucha.

It’s Farmer’s Gold’s first time at the market, and they are bringing cheesies that have been made with locally grown corn.

Another first time vendor is Ode’Mini Giizis Cafe, who are located on Margaret Ave. They will be bringing the coffee, and other delicious treats for us to buy!