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The Wallaceburg BIA has received an update on the progress of the LO Stonehouse Pedestrian Bridge project from the municipality.

  • The construction contractor mobilized on January 8th to begin site preparation, and there is some work that will be scheduled in the next few weeks to remove some of the existing spans that remain in place that are being recoated and/or replaced through this project, so there will be some further activity shortly.
  • A lot of the work over the winter has included development of the technical shop drawings, ordering of materials and fabrication of materials off site.
  • There have been some delays in the fabrication of materials, but the installation work is targeted to start by early May.
  • The completion date for the bridge construction is July.
  • The Sydenham River will remain open and passable during construction. 
  • The bridge construction includes the installation of coloured lighting similar to that which is on the Third Street bridge in Chatham – installation work will occur as part of the overall site construction work this spring, however some of this commissioning work will occur in the summer following installation.
  • The target is to have the lighting components activated in early Fall. 

We are excited to see that progress is being made on this project, and can’t wait to see this bridge open to foot traffic again!